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We work with a wide range of case managers and solicitors in the assessment and rehabilitation of clients following brain injury.

The Physio Matters team have over 40 years' combined experience of providing physiotherapy to clients with complex needs, including brain injury following road traffic accidents, assaults, injuries while at work, trauma sustained playing sport, anoxic brain damage and cerebral palsy.

In addition to brain injury, many of our clients also have concurrent conditions such as neurological, orthopaedic, cognitive and behavioural issues.

We also specialise in working alongside clients who may have difficulties participating in formal treatment approaches by fostering a positive therapeutic alliance and focusing on client-centred goals.

We can act as treating physiotherapists or medico-legal expert witnesses.

Once you contact us, we'll work with you through the following steps:

Step 1 - Confidential Phone Consultation - speak to our Clinical Director, Colin Green, to discuss your client's needs, and find out about the range of options we offer, including an Initial Assessment.

Step 2 - Initial Assessment - an experienced physiotherapist will then visit your client to carry out a thorough assessment of their health and individual situation.

Step 3 - Bespoke Report and Costings - within three weeks of the Initial Assessment, we will provide a report detailing condition, prognosis, and recommendations for future treatment and equipment where appropriate.

Step 4 - Treatment Plan and Schedule - once funding is agreed, we will further discuss your client's goals with you, and how we can help them achieve these through a targeted physiotherapy treatment plan.

Step 5 - Treatment Implementation - we will provide treatment in the most suitable location for your client, whether home, gym, workplace or elsewhere. Where appropriate, we can provide joint sessions with other health professionals involved in your client's rehabilitation.

Step 6 - Attending Multidisciplinary Team Meetings - we will work alongside all other health professionals involved in the multidisciplinary team towards achieving your client's goals.

Step 7 - Providing Progress Reports and Invoices - at intervals you request, we will provide timely and professional reports detailing your client's progress with rehabilitation. All invoicing is clearly itemised and processed by our Business Support Team who are on hand to deal with any queries.

To find out more, call the office on 0161 681 6887.

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Solicitors & Case Managers

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