Without the professional work that the physio's have done with me this would never have been possible. If I could have looked forward to July 2017 when I first met them, I would never have believed it was possible to achieve as much as I have. Not only did his team provide first-class physical care, but also emotional support and practical help. The team went above and beyond for me and I always felt that I actually mattered and that they cared – which is more than I can say about most health professionals that I've encountered over the years! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Physio Matters.
Colin and his team regularly work with clients of mine, typically following brain injury. Without exception I have found them to be compassionate, proactive and highly skilled. They regularly achieve remarkable results and many of my clients come to regard their input and advice as indispensable. The therapists are supported by a highly efficient admin team and overall, the service provided by Physio Matters is truly excellent"
Matt Brown, Partner Irwin Mitchell Solicitors.

"When dealing with the team at Physio Matters you can rest assured that all enquiries will be dealt with quickly and effectively.
The entire team are very friendly and welcoming, and always put our clients and their families at ease, and we feel safe in the knowledge that our clients are getting the very best treatment possible.
I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Physio Matters to both clients, friends and family alike. Their skills and service are second to none, and they are always up to date with the latest innovations in equipment and treatment techniques.
Simply put, I wouldn't look anywhere else"

Charlotte Cooper, Office Manager Amber Case Management Ltd.

"I have worked with Physio-Matters with a mutual client for over 2 years and I have found them to be consistent in their professionalism, innovative approach, hardworking, client focussed, empathic and caring. I would be happy to recommend their practice to further your clients and your family members"
Paula Foster, Case Manager JS Parker Ltd

"I have not been disappointed, the progress and improvement in my mobility is amazing. I can use a quadstick to move around my flat as I need to, this allows me to prepare simple meals for myself. Close friends who still visit me remark at my progress, which is soley down to Kerry's skill at her job"
Tony, Lecturer, Tameside.

"I have been treated by Physio Matters for just under two years, having been recommended to seek neuro physiotherapy after brain surgery. Following my surgery, I was struggling with a lack of sensation on my left side, and problems with balance. I was walking with a stick and finding a lot of relatively simple tasks, such as buttoning a shirt, very difficult. I was unable to feel anything from my left foot, tripping over and hurting myself by standing on objects, and struggling to use a computer keyboard. I also experienced extreme fatigue when performing physical or mental activities.
Over the months that I have been treated by the team I have made huge progress with my walking and my life in general. I am working full time, walking normally and recently completed a 10K charity run. Physio Matters have been fabulous in helping restore me to normality - both through the treatment and exercise programmes but also by teaching me how to manage my fatigue, by liaising with my work management and HR department to arrange my return to work, and by helping me to gain travel support from Access to Work, to enable me to get back to the office earlier than would otherwise have been possible.
Immediately following my operation, I was worried that I would never walk again - two years later I'm living a normal life and looking forward to my next big run.
The Physio Matters team are extremely friendly and professional, and I thoroughly recommend them to anyone finding themselves in need of neuro physiotherapy"

Andrew Plowright, (private patient)

"When I first met Colin and his team of physio's I was bed-ridden and found it difficult to sit up or even roll over. Over the 3 + years that I've known the team I have received the upmost care, consideration and compassion. I'm now able to spend long periods of time sat in my wheelchair, can transfer with ease and am even able to stand with support. Sarah Gittins (private patient)

"Colin has proved himself to be an able physio with a desire to push for better performance and to try out all the latest techniques. I have known Colin for over 10 years, and he brings passion and knowledge to every session. I would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone"
John, ex-professional Rugby League Player, Oldham

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