Brain Injury Services

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Physio Matters offers an independent physiotherapy assessment service. We provide case managers, solicitors and others with an opinion on physiotherapy needs for clients with an acquired brain injury.

We specialise in working alongside clients who may have difficulties participating in formal treatment approaches by fostering a positive therapeutic alliance.

We are able to assess clients with a wide range of brain injury related issues, including:

  • Management of high-level balance, co-ordination and postural control
  • Vocational and leisure activities following acquired brain injury
  • Postural management programmes for people with severe disability

At Physio Matters, we believe that physiotherapy management is most effective when it is client-centred and works in conjunction with therapy interventions from other disciplines.

Physio Matters' assessments reflect this holistic approach by including information on how physiotherapy intervention can be incorporated into the client's lifestyle and how it can improve their quality of life.

We consider a variety of treatment approaches, suitable equipment and the need for other related therapeutic options. The assessment findings are presented in the form of a bespoke report, which addresses the key areas identified by the report commissioner.


At Physio Matters, we pride ourselves on our flexible, friendly and caring approach to treatment.

Our specialised physiotherapists will tailor treatment to clients' requirements and goals, whether everyday targets such as walking, sitting, standing and dressing to more ambitious aims such as shopping, going on trips or holidays or taking part in sports.

Our physiotherapists have a wide knowledge base and access a variety of up-to-date treatment approaches. And we make sure that clients are treated by an experienced physiotherapist throughout their care with Physio Matters to ensure quality, continuity and consistency of therapy.

We also provide treatment in locations most convenient to clients, including home, gym or workplace.

Medico Legal Report Writing

Physio Matters provide an expert medico legal report writing service to solicitors and case managers dealing with brain-injured clients.

We work on behalf of claimant, defendant or as single joint expert in the following areas:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Acquired brain injuries
  • Neurological conditions
  • Road traffic accidents

Rehabilitation reports: We prepare reports that are in accordance with Civil Procedure Rules (CPR Part 35) and Practice Directions (PD 35). Physio Matters reports are also:

  • Detailed
  • Professional
  • Focused
  • Relevant
  • Precise

We are members of the following:

  • Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP)
  • Medico Legal Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (MLACP)
  • Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Neurology (ACPIN)
  • United Kingdom Acquired Brain Injury Forum (UKABIF)

Rehab Through Sport and Leisure

Social participation and community integration are key to a client's long-term rehabilitation outcomes. People's emotional wellbeing and sense of purpose is just as important as their physical recovery.

At Physio Matters, we believe clients can achieve their therapeutic goals by putting their rehabilitation and recovery into action through a range of varied activities that are engaging, rewarding and stimulating.

Our holistic approach enables us to help clients and their families adjust to a new way of life. For example, we have helped clients rehabilitate through participation in sporting activities including cycling, swimming, skiing, running, horse riding, dancing, sailing, hiking, football, gym work and golf. We also work with clients to enable them to engage in their favourite leisure pursuits such as visits to cinema, theatre, restaurants, shopping centres and church as well as enjoying holidays, cruises and days out. We can help them access new hobbies such as photography, painting, arts and crafts.

To achieve this for our clients, we work with a wide range of regional and national disability sporting and leisure organisations, and draw on our extensive knowledge of accessible facilities.

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Brain Injury Services

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