Rock Climbing

Image of man rock climbing

Indoor rock climbing is a lifestyle sport which is very accessible and appeals to a wide range of people of all ages and abilities. It can provide a new fitness challenge, an activity to do individually or in groups, and a new way to socialise. Whatever your motivation or goals, rock climbing is a great way to test yourself and learn a new skill.

Clients with a wide range of abilities can take part in rock climbing – whether you are fully or partially mobile, or use a wheelchair. Participants can begin climbing from floor level or be hoisted from a seated position, such as from a wheelchair, and scale the climbing wall using ropes and guides.

Physios will attend climbing sessions with you alongside fully qualified climbing instructors, at indoor venues such as Manchester Climbing Centre.

Climbing is a great activity for the mind and body, as it improves your concentration and co- ordination. It also promotes fitness, flexibility and balance. Every time you go rock climbing, there are always new heights to reach!

Improves mobility, balance, confidence, flexibility, stamina and coordination.

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