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Racquet sports such as tennis have been played for decades as a fun and interactive way of maintaining fitness. The aim of the game is to rally the ball back and forth over the net, whilst trying to make it difficult for your opponent to return it. If they fail to do so, you gain a point.

Whilst good fun, tennis has many health benefits, from improving muscle tone, strength and flexibility to challenging balance and mobility, as players are required to dart around the court after the ball. This can be played indoor which minimises the effects of weather or outdoors on a larger court, or for clients wanting to try this on a smaller scale, we also offer table tennis.

Squash differs slightly to tennis as it is played on indoor courts with feature walls which players use to hit the ball against. As a result, flexibility and agility are challenged and developed through reaching and transferring to hit the ball.

Both tennis and squash can be played as singles, with two players against each other, or doubles, giving the opportunity to meet and interact with new people.

These are accessible for patients with a wide range of conditions and of differing abilities, from beginners wanting to try something new to more advanced players wanting to progress their skills further.

Improves agility, coordination, strength, flexibility, mobility and social interaction.

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