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Kayaking and canoeing are very accessible and enjoyable water sports for people with a wide range of conditions, including acquired brain injury. They offer the opportunity for outdoor activity, usually in a countryside setting on still water, and are suitable for beginners who have no experience of water sports or using boats.

Canoes are usually open-top boats. They seat two or more people who either sit on a bench in the boat with their legs bending at the knee or else they kneel down.

Kayaks tend to be closed-top boats. They are often single seaters. Kayakers usually sit on the boat floor with their legs stretched out straight or nearly straight in front of them. Kayaks also sit lower in the water than canoes.

The two activities also have different paddles and paddling techniques. Kayak paddles have two blades, one at either end of the paddle, while canoe paddles have only one blade and are shorter.

Qualified instructors

We work closely with fully qualified and experienced instructors, such as those at Debdale Outdoor Centre in Manchester, which provides a range of outdoor activities including dinghy sailing, windsurfing, canoeing and kayaking for adults and children of all abilities. All equipment is provided on site, and participants just need to bring warm clothing.

Our team includes physios and physio assistants who have gained a 1 Star Award and 2 Star Award (BCU1 and BCU2) qualifications from the British Canoe Association. This includes Physio Assistant Katy Parrott who explains: “Kayaking and canoeing are great fun and enjoyable activities, either individually or in small groups. Not only is it good exercise and helps improve posture and balance, the centre at Debdale is in a lovely setting with a lake which is full of wildlife. We always see swans and ducks, and their chicks in the spring - it is really refreshing to be out on the water and experience nature at first hand!”

Improves mobility, balance and confidence.

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