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The gym is a popular place for exercise during rehab and offers a wide range of activities. These can be tailored into specific exercise programmes that meet your individual needs.

If you regularly attended a gym before your accident or your condition began, we can help you get back into it and build up your abilities and strength as part of your rehab to improve your fitness.

If you have never visited the gym before or not for a long time, then we can introduce you to it step-by- step to introduce you to the equipment and improve your confidence.

Our physios will work with you to create a specially-tailored programme that is appropriate for your injury or condition and your abilities. It will build up over time as you improve, and we regularly review it to make sure you are working at your own pace. Your personal gym programme can include a range of activities such as light weight training, resistance training, stretching, sit down cycling, treadmill and using exercise balls.

We will identify a local gym near where you live, so that you can easily attend with our physios and continue exercising there during and after your rehab.

Improves fitness, core stability, strength and stamina.

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