Fitness Classes - Pilates & Yoga

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Fitness classes can take many forms – including dance, pilates, yoga, step aerobics, spinning, Zumba, circuit training and more. They can provide a range of benefits and improve general fitness and co-ordination, as well as confidence. Classes range from beginners to intermediate and advanced.

Our physios will work with you to identify classes that are appropriate for your injury or condition and your abilities. You can start gently with a beginner’s class and build up your fitness over time. We will regularly review your progress to make sure you are working at your own pace.

We will identify a local gym near where you live, so that you can easily attend fitness classes with our physios and continue exercising there during and after your rehab.

This activity is also beneficial if you want to meet new friends as classes are usually attended by a wide range of local people and instructors who you can get to know.

Improves fitness, core stability and confidence.

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