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Driving can have a significant impact on your life. It can give you independence, freedom and open up lots of possibilities – whether it’s going shopping, socialising, visiting family and friends, or enjoying days out and even holidays.

If you are keen to get back into driving after having an illness or living with a neurological condition after an injury or accident, then we can help.

We carry out adapted vehicle assessments for a wide range of clients with differing needs. We usually look at two options - either identifying whether a new adapted vehicle will best meet your individual needs, such as a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV), or whether it would be more appropriate to adapt your own vehicle. We work in conjunction with a variety of vehicle adaptation and assessment companies.

Some of the most common adaptations help with speed control, steering and signalling such as:

Replacing pedals with hand controls - If you find it difficult to use standard pedals for braking or acceleration, then hand controls such as push/pull device can make this easier.

Help with controlling speed - If you have limited mobility in your legs or find push/pull hand controls too difficult, then an electronic accelerator could be fitted instead. There are various types that can help you accelerate or brake, including some controlled by just a finger or by pushing or pulling in various other ways.

Help with steering - If you find it difficult to hold or turn a steering wheel, there are other options. One of these is to fit a steering wheel ball to give you more control. With this, you can steer the car with one hand, while you operate hand controls with the other.

Most driving controls like these do need an automatic gearbox, so you might need to change your vehicle if you don’t already have one of these. The good news is that many adaptations can be removed easily if other drivers need to use the car, or you want to sell it later.

At Physio Matters we can advise you on the best people to consult regarding these issues to get you back in driving seat as soon as is safely possible.

Improves independence, co-ordination and confidence.

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