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Cycling is a fun activity which brings a wide range of health benefits. It is suitable for people with many types of conditions including stroke, MS, traumatic brain injury or visual impairment. Our physios work alongside trained leaders and organisations such as Wheels for All, a national programme that embraces children and adults with disabilities and differing needs, to engage in a quality cycling activity. Cycling can take place at venues such as Alexandra Park, Oldham, Leverhulme Park, Bolton or a centre close to you.

Most people are interested in taking part in indoor track cycling or outdoor mountain biking, and we work with them to help them achieve their goals.

Track cycling – this can be enjoyed using specially-adapted 2, 3 or 4-wheel cycles, tandems and side-by- side cycles. Suitable for beginners or those who have not taken part in cycling for a while and want to build up their skills and fitness.

Mountain biking - take your cycling outdoors, using a variety of adpated bikes. Suitable for more confident cyclists who want to cycle further afield and explore a local park or wider countryside.

Improves stamina, mobility, balance and confidence.

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