Axe Throwing

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Urban Axe Throwing is a new craze that is proving very popular with many people as a form of exercise and an unusual way to have fun too!

Physio Matters has already taken clients to try out axe throwing and they are keen to try it again!

Participants first receive a safety briefing by instructors and then a demonstration in throwing techniques by an experienced throwing coach, before moving on to taking part in a tournament.

To take part, you stand in a throwing lane behind a line and aim the axe at a target at the end of the lane. Points are awarded depending on where your axe lands on the target.

Your physio can attend the sessions with you alongside the axe throwing instructors, at indoor venues in Manchester. This can also be a social activity attended by friends and family, provide exercise, improve balance and co-ordination, and enable you to try something new.

Improves strength, balance, and hand-eye coordination.

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