AlterG - Anti Gravity Treadmill

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The AlterG is an anti-gravity treadmill. It was originally designed with technology developed by NASA as a treadmill that would let astronauts run in a more natural way.

It works by enclosing your lower body in an airtight chamber and then ‘unweights’ the user through differential air pressure. So in other words, it reduces the impact of gravity on the lower half of your body which makes it weigh less. As a result, there is less pressure on your lower body, making it easier and safer to exercise.

The AlterG has been used in many areas, including helping to train astronauts, helping sports people and elite athletes train more intensely and recover from injury (including Mo Farah, Rafael Nadal, and Manchester United), for rehabilitation after surgery, to help amputees, in gait training for people with neurological conditions, and to help strengthen and condition the elderly.

It allows the user to reduce their bodyweight in 1% increments to as low as 20% of their normal bodyweight. This is equivalent to walking on the moon!

Our physios will assess whether you could benefit from the AlterG, and attend sessions with you to ensure you gain the maximum effects from this revolutionary new equipment. We work in partnership with Physiquipe Clinic in Didsbury to offer this very specialised and hi- tech treatmene technique.

Improves fitness, mobility, stamina, balance and confidence.

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