Neurological Physiotherapy

What is neurological physiotherapy?

The human nervous system is extremely complex and delicate. When affected by neurological conditions, the impact on a person's ability to function can be substantial and life changing. These conditions can happen to a wide range of people, at different times of their life, and to different degrees. For example, following damage to the brain and/or spinal cord, people may experience problems with their movement. This may mean that the affected muscles are weak and floppy or very tight. The coordination of movement can often be altered, leading to difficulties with various daily activities such as walking, getting in and out of bed, or being able to manage around the house.

What will Physio Matters do to help?

Before any treatment is started, the specialised neurological physiotherapists at Physio Matters will chat with you and assess your individual situation and circumstances, in order to get an accurate account of your past medical history and previous mobility. Physiotherapy goals will then be set between you and your physiotherapist, so we all have something to work towards. These goals are crucial, as it is really important to get a good idea of what you hope to gain from treatment, as it will help us to focus our treatment methods on your specific needs.

Physiotherapy sessions will always be carried out in the comfort of your home at a time to suit you and your carers. You might even want to involve your carers or relatives in the sessions, to allow them to see how they could help in between therapy sessions. At Physio Matters, we are able to provide specifically tailored treatments, and we can use our vast experience to choose the best treatment methods for you. These might include:

  • Postural awareness
  • Hands on stretching
  • Strengthening
  • Balance exercises
  • Walking practice

Advice and recommendations are also given on suitable walking aids and equipment.

When will the treatment take place?

Treatment programmes vary depending on an individual's symptoms and condition. Most of our clients are seen once or twice a week, and complete a home exercise programme between treatment sessions. However, if required, Physio Matters are able to provide maintenance physiotherapy of one or two sessions per month. The frequency of treatment will be discussed between you and your physiotherapist at the assessment stage, and monitored throughout your treatment. The frequency may depend on the stage of your condition, your availability and funding. With your consent, Physio Matters will liaise directly with your GP and other relevant medical professionals.

Is there a right time to start Physiotherapy?

The physiotherapists at Physio Matters can offer treatment and advice at any stage of a condition. Sometimes early treatment can prevent the progression of a condition and also prevent secondary complications. In some cases, although conditions may progress over time, there can still be gains by having physiotherapy to improve your quality of life, promote independence, and get you feeling back to your old self again.

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Neurological Physiotherapy

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