Andy’s ‘on the up’ Post-Surgery

9th January 2017

In addition to traditional treatment options, at Physio Matters we offer more alternative treatment options. One of our clients recently tried climbing at Manchester Climbing Centre for the first time.

This marked a huge milestone in his rehab journey. Andy approached Physio Matters in August 2015 following an operation to remove a brain tumour, which had left him suffering with weakness and difficulty mobilising outdoors. With hard work, positivity and motivation, Andy has worked alongside our team to challenge himself and maximise his ability.

With 2 years to the day between the photographs below; from getting his clips removed after his second operation to independently navigating a 20m high climbing wall, Andy’s journey is a powerful example of how far people can come with assistance from therapy. He believes this to be important for people at the start of their rehabilitation journey to remember – with hard work, big changes like these are achievable!