3rd February 2016

As part of our clients’ ongoing rehabilitation, adaptive skiing has been used as an adjunct to their physiotherapy treatment. Throughout January 2016 we have been able to spend one afternoon a week at the Chill Factore – due to the amazing response from our clients, this is something we will continue to do on a weekly basis. We have a partnership with Disability Snowsports UK and their instructors Steve and Daisy understand what we are looking to achieve with our clients.

Using a GoPro camera, we can see the trip down the slope from the clients’ perspective. (We hope you enjoy the video) This has been a useful experience, as we can follow and review clients’ reaction to skiing as they take part in the session. Colin and I have both had the opportunity to try the Sit-ski, and Colin used the GoPro camera to film his trip down the slopes. We can now get a feel of how it is coming down by watching the video; both speed and how close to the snow you get in the turns! It is a real balance and core stability workout, which is brilliant for our clients, helping them in their everyday life in addition to being a great trip out.

From the therapist’s point of view attending the skiing sessions, “Seeing your client’s smile, and the way they light up when coming down the slope is a great feeling as a therapist. There is nothing better than seeing your clients having a great time, but at the same time knowing all the physical benefits of skiing”. When we have asked our clients what they think about their physiotherapy treatment on the slopes, common responses have been “I loved it”, “that rocked”, and “When can I come back again?” Happy clients = happy physios!